Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Analysis on Influence Factors of Energy Consumption of Electric Vehicles Based on Real-World Driving Data Jin Zhang, Zhenpo Wang, Peng Liu, Dingsong Cui, Xiaoyu Li



With the large-scale penetration of electric vehicles, the research on the influence factors of energy consumption of electric vehicles has become an important requirement for the estimation of energy efficiency, energy-saving route planning and the optimal design of power system structure. In this paper, the real-world driving data of 59 electric taxis in Beijing are obtained and divided into three-level driving fragments. The influence factors of energy consumption, including vehicle-related factors (velocity, acceleration and kinematic states), environment-related factors (ambient temperature and traffic condition) as well as driver-related factors are extracted and studied. Results show that the energy consumption of electric vehicle is significantly influenced by velocity, acceleration and kinematic states. Benefit from the energy-saving at idling state and the braking energy regeneration technology, traffic congestion has a slighter influence on energy consumption. Besides, the appropriate ambient temperature around 19.5℃ and moderate driving pattern can help reduce energy consumption to a certain extent. This work builds an essential foundation for accurate estimation and prediction of energy consumption of electric vehicles.

Keywords electric vehicles, energy consumption, influence factors, real-world driving data

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