Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

Application of metal-organic frameworks in efficient mercury adsorption Dapeng Wang, Zhenqi Jing, Yaqin Wang, Tianyu Liu, Chang Wen



The bimetallic oxide copper−manganese based metal−organic frameworks (CuMnOx/MIL-100(Fe)) were easily synthesized and used to remove elemental mercury (Hg0) in flue gas. The mercury removal performance on the CuMnOx/MIL-100(Fe) was studied through a variety of characterization and analysis methods. The results suggest that the synthesized CuMnOx/MIL-100(Fe) have good crystallinity and high dispersity of constituent elements. The Hg0 removal performance was investigated under different conditions. The increase in O2 and NO concentration can obviously promote the removal efficiency of Hg0. The obtained adsorption capacity is 1.128 mg/g, which is higher than the adsorption capacity of most same type adsorbents. Finally, the Hg0 removal mechanism on the bimetallic oxide CuMnOx/MIL-100(Fe) has been proposed with various characterization analysis. The removal process of Hg0 follows the Langmuir-Hinshelwood and Mars-Maessen mechanism.

Keywords Mercury removal, MIL-100(Fe), Bimetallic oxide copper−manganese

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