Volume 41: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part IV

Application Potential Analysis of a New Dynamic Building Envelope in Public Buildings Hengxin Zhao, Shuangdui Wu,Yifan Wu, Hongli Sun, Borong Lin



With the process of global urbanization, public buildings have been developed on a large scale, and energy conservation and emission reduction in this field are crucial to environmental protection. Passive energy saving through optimizing public building envelope does not need to consume other energy, which has great application potential. Therefore, this study innovatively uses a new type of thermal diode and combines it with the building envelope to form a dynamic building envelope that can passively remove heat and heat insulation, which can reduce the energy consumption of public buildings and promote cross-innovation of different disciplines. Numerical simulation was used to investigate the potential of the dynamic building envelope in public buildings. The results showed that the cooling energy saving potential of the building envelope was between 12.30% and 21.59% in different climate zones, and it had certain climate adaptability. At the same time, the energy saving potential increases with the increase of heat source in the building, reaching a maximum of 27.20%. Compared with the traditional building envelope, this new dynamic building envelope has stronger adjustment ability and better passive energy saving effect, which provides a certain reference for the development of energy saving in the building field.

Keywords dynamic building envelope, building energy saving, passive thermal diode, simulation optimization

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