Volume 41: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part IV

Assessing the UK’s attempt to Establish a Zero-carbon Hydrogen Economy in the Industrial Sector Oliver Morgan, Lucy Elwy, Gbemi Oluleye



This study determines the cost reducing effect of hydrogen supply-push targets, which will indicate the sufficiency of current UK government policy to initiate a hydrogen economy within the industrial sector. This study will also answer the question “What demand-pull policies can support fuel switching to hydrogen in UK industry?” A novel mixed-methods approach is used, in-depth rapid evidence assessment and a macro market penetration assessment to understand how to best establish an industrial hydrogen economy. Our findings show that without demand-pull policies, 65 GW to 350 GW of hydrogen supply is required to achieve price parity with natural gas.

Keywords Hydrogen for industry uptake modelling, demand pull policy, supply push policy, rapid evidence assessment, market penetration assessment, industrial decarbonisation

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