Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Biowaste Gasification Feasibility in Captive Power Plants-A Southasian Case Study M. U. Qureshi, S.R. Naqvi, M. T. Mehran, U. Sikandar, M. Naqvi



The objective is to investigate the potential of biowaste gasification as an alternate energy source in the industry-based Captive Power Plants. The textile industry located in the Raiwind area of the Province of Punjab of Pakistan has been studied to determine the feasibility of BG. The economic viability of BG is based on the LCOE, operating costs and the NPV. The effect of capacity factor has also been studied on LCOE. The fuel used for BG is the abundantly available rice husk. The impact of government subsidy on natural gas is also included in this study. BG is found to be a potential alternative of FO in the CPPs. However, an improvement in the cost and subsidization of BG in Pakistan is required for BG to become the ultimate choice of power generation in the CPPs of Pakistan.

Keywords renewable/green energy resources, rice husk, gasification, captive power plant

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