Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Block Chain Based Energy Trading Between District Energy Systems Considering the Uncertainties Changzheng Shao, Yi Ding*



As a high-efficiency and low-carbon energy supply mode, district energy systems (DESs) have gained rapid development recently. This paper proposes a framework for energy trading among DESs, with the aim of exploiting the synergies and complementary advantages of various energy demand profiles in DESs. Blockchain technology is utilized to facilitate energy trading. The distributed algorithm based stochastic decision-making process is developed to determine the energy trading, including the transaction quantities and prices. A chance-constrained programming model is developed for dealing with the uncertainties. The illustration of the technique is provided based on a test system.

Keywords district energy systems, energy trading, blockchains, chance-constrained programming, distributed algorithm

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