Volume 18: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part I

Blockchain Smart Contracts for Grid Connection Management in Achieving Net Zero Energy Systems Weiqi Hua, Rui Jing, Yue Zhou, Xi Zhang, Jing Jiang, Hongjian Sun



Energy systems are transitioning towards a decentralized and decarbonized paradigm with the integration of distributed renewable energy sources. Blockchain smart contracts have the increasing potential to facilitate the transition of energy systems due to the natures of automation, standardization, and self-enforcement. This paper proposes a Blockchain smart contracts based platform to manage the grid connection for both large scale generation companies and individual prosumers (both producers and consumers). Through evaluating the capacity margin and carbon intensity for each substation or feeder in power networks, the incurred connection fee and low carbon incentive are formulated for incentivizing the local energy balance and connection of renewable energy sources. Case studies testify the effectiveness for encouraging the low carbon grid connection.

Keywords Blockchain smart contracts, grid connection, net zero emissions, prosumers, renewable energy.

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