Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

Building a Zero-carbon Energy System towards Carbon-neutral Cities and its Pilot Application in China Chunyan Dai, Zhongwei Zhang, Xinyang Han, Xudong Wang, Dan Ye, Yuan Liu,Lianjie Jiang



In the strategy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, cities and towns are the main battlefield while energy is the main force. Based on the synergy of multi-factors (source-network-load-storage) and multi-objectives (Lowest economic cost, lowest environmental cost, highest energy efficiency, highest electrification rate), built a zero-carbon energy system development planning model towards Carbon-neutral Cities.This paper presents the modeling approach of the zero-carbon energy system and presents its pilot application in Dazhangzhuang, one of the Smart Energy Town. To provide the reference for the construction of carbon-neutral cities energy system in China.

Keywords carbon neutral, cities,energy systems,multi-objective

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