Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Capacity Optimization of Photovoltaic Storage Microgrid System Considering Carbon Trading Under Power Rationing Conditions Xuesong Chang,Bolong Mao,Yingzi Xian,Lei Wang



Since 2021, energy prices in the international market have risen sharply, and the contradiction between supply and demand of electricity and coal in China has continued to be tight, resulting in power cuts and power rationing, which has slowed down China’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. In order to improve the self-power supply capacity, stability and low carbon economy of microgrid, a capacity allocation method of optical storage microgrid system based on power limit conditions considering carbon trading profit is proposed. Firstly, an energy storage system is ntroduced to construct the topology structure of the integrated optical storage microgrid system. By settingthe upper limit of the load demand power in the configuration model and considering the carbon trading profit, an economic capacity allocation model with the maximum net income of the system operation as the optimization objective is established. Combined with the operation control strategy of energy storage battery work priority and the optimal configuration algorithm based on grey Wolf optimization algorithm, the optical storage micro-grid capacity configuration scheme considering carbon trading profit under the condition of power restriction is solved.

Keywords carbon trading,optimal configuration,power rationing conditions,photovoltaic storage microgrid

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