Volume 18: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part I

Carbon emission and economic analysis of hydrogen integrated energy system for carbon neutrality Daoming Hu,Jiao Li,Xiaodong Du,Kanru Cheng,Yuzhang Wang



The application of integrated energy system can effectively realize the complementary advantages of various energy sources, better meet the various load demands of users, and improve the energy utilization rate. With the aim of carbon neutralization and the development of hydrogen gas turbine technology, considering the low carbon characteristics of hydrogen fuel and renewable energy hydrogen production technology’s advantage, it is significant for the integrated energy system develops towards using low carbon emission fuel like hydrogen to achieve the goal of carbon neutralization. In this paper, we construct an integrated energy system considering multiple types of energy sources, and build the system performance analysis model to analyze the impact of different combinations of renewable energy input directly to the power grid and conversion to hydrogen on system operating costs and carbon emissions. The result shows that determining an appropriate ratio of renewable energy input directly to the system internal power grid and conversion to hydrogen by the system operating conditions will help the system to achieve carbon neutrality with maximum emission reduction capability, while paying a small cost.

Keywords hydrogen integrated energy system, carbon neutralization, renewable energy hydrogen production, carbon capture and utilization technology, operation analysis

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