Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Charge and Discharge Test and Power Network Quality Analysis of Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Device Based on Stackelberg Game Yang Liu, Yu Liang, Yuzhu Feng



Electric vehicles (EVs) have been widely developed for their advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. However, the disorderly charging of largescale EVs will bring challenges to the security and stability of the power grid due to the randomness and uncertainty of charging behavior. In this paper, the charging and discharging management system of Electric vehicle (EV) is added between the two-way interactive service system of smart grid and EV to realize the information interaction between EV and grid. Further, the charging and discharging operation of EV is optimized and controlled according to the needs of its both sides. To maximize the revenue of the grid company, the EV charging price is optimized and the EV charging load is transferred through the behavior characteristics prediction of EV users. Then, the EV is charged and discharged in an orderly manner. Besides, the grid load characteristics, voltage quality and frequency quality are improved on the grid side.

Keywords Game Theory, Electric Vehicles, Discharge Testing, Power Grid Quality

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