Volume 12: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part I

Chemical looping conversion of coal with liquid oxygen carrier: thermodynamic research Wei Guo , Yaowu Li , Yan Song , Zhiqiang Wu



Liquid chemical looping technology is an innovation of chemical looping gasification technology. The use of liquid metal oxides as oxygen carriers in the gasification process could extend the service life of oxygen carriers and improve the gasification efficiency of carbon-based fuels. The combination of liquid chemical looping technology and bituminous coal traditional gasification technology can avoid the above problems, and can also improve the coal gasification efficiency and achieve almost zero greenhouse gas emissions. In this paper, based on the Gibbs minimum free energy principle, the computer simulation calculation of the chemical looping gasification technology of bituminous coal is carried out. The results indicated that increasing the temperature of the chemical looping gasification is conducive to the improvement of bituminous coal gasification efficiency. When the gasification temperature is 900~1000℃, the content of CO and H2 is the highest. When the molar ratio of the oxygen carrier to the gasification raw material is 0.3, the CO output is the largest. The addition of water vapor is conducive to the increase of the H2/CO molar ratio in the system.

Keywords liquid chemical looping conversion, oxygen carrier, product distribution, thermodynamics analysis

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