Volume 39: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part II

Chemical Looping Steam Methane Reforming Process Using NiFe2O4 as Oxygen Carrier for Hydrogen Production Zhongrui Gai, Yang Li, Qiong Rao, Yuanhui Shen, Yunlian Liu, Ying Pan



Chemical looping steam methane reforming (CLSMR) using metal oxide as oxygen carrier is regarded as an promising approach for hydrogen production, offering reduced costs and lower CO2 emissions compared to conventional steam methane reforming process. In this study, we proposed a multi-step chemical looping steam methane reforming process using NiFe2O4 as oxygen carrier (OC) for hydrogen production. Simulation model of the proposed cycle was developed using Aspen Plus. Experiments on fixed-bed reactor have been conducted to validate the reliability of simulation model. The effect of key process parameters has been evaluated. We found that the presented CLSMR process realized over 85% CH4 conversion in reduction step at 700 °C and more than 1.6 times of total product generation rate than that of FeO/Fe3O4 system at 900 °C in experiments. In terms of simulation model, 86.5% of methane to fuel efficiency and 66.9% of net efficiency could be obtained. The results demonstrate the proposed process has the potential to make advances in energy-efficient hydrogen production.

Keywords Hydrogen production, Chemical looping steam methane reforming (CLSMR), NiFe2O4, Process simulation

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