Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

China’s provincial low carbon transition and interprovincial electricity transmission under the carbon neutrality goals Qiang Zhang, Qianzhi Zhang, Wenying Chen



To analysis China’s provincial low carbon transition under the carbon neutrality goals, this study developed a provincial energy-environment-economy model (China TIMES-30PE). Under carbon neutrality target, each province has a different pathway for achieving carbon neutrality and requires deep decarbonization of their energy systems, with a dominant share of non-fossil energy sources, increasing electrification rates, growing hydrogen consumption and significantly reducing energy intensity. The mismatch between wind and solar resources and electricity demand has resulted in an increasing transmission volume across provinces. Power transmission from the northwest and southwest regions continues to grow, while some central provinces have transitioned from net electricity suppliers to net users. The eastern provinces continue to receive increasing long-distance power transmission and rely on ultra-high voltage transmission lines as backbone channels.

Keywords carbon neutrality, provinces, energy system. electricity transmission

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