Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

Collaborative Optimization of Regional Distributed Energy Systems Considering Load Timing Characteristics Tingting Xu, Yingjun Ruan, Fanyue Qian, Hua Meng, Guangyue Chen



Due to their environmentally friendly and energy-saving characteristics, regional distributed energy systems (RDES) have become one of the important ways to enhance renewable energy consumption and promote low-carbon society in recent years. The bottleneck of using peak load of user nodes in the division of energy supply scope at energy stations without full considering the load timing characteristics is addressed in this paper. Furthermore, this paper proposes a collaborative optimization method that considers load timing characteristics. Firstly. the coupling characteristics between energy stations and pipeline network are analyzed. Then a collaborative optimization design model for energy stations and pipeline networks is constructed based on K-means and graph theory algorithms. Subsequently, considering the load timing characteristics to analyze their impact on REDS. The research results indicate that considering the load timing of user nodes can reduce the cooling load demand of energy stations by 19.05% and the total pipeline cost by 8% compared to using peak loads. This paper provides theoretical and technical guidance significance for decision-makers of regional distributed energy systems.

Keywords Regional distributed energy system, energy station, pipeline network,load timing characteristics

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