Volume 8: Advances in Energy Innovation and Development

Combined Optimization for Retrofitting of Heat Recovery and Thermal Energy Supply in Industrial Systems Daniel Halmschlager,Anton Beck,Martin Koller,Sophie Knöttner,Rene Hofmann



The outcome of possible changes in interlinked industrial energy systems is hard to predict, especially in retrofit scenarios. This results in investment decisions under uncertainties. In this paper, a new combined optimization approach is presented, that aims to support decision-making in these cases. The approach links models for optimal design of supply systems and heat exchanger networks with operational constraints and is specifically designed for retrofit applications. It is formulated as one combined mixed integer linear programming (MILP) problem. The results of the presented approach are demonstrated using a case study representing a typical industrial process. The optimal solution shows a cost-effective way for a transition to more efficient use of energy and an increased share of renewable sources.

Keywords industrial energy systems, optimization, heat exchanger network synthesis, unit commitment

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