Volume 15: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part IV

Combining state space demand modeling with design optimization for integrated energy systems planning Yuan Huang, Jian Lin, Meina Xie, Nianyuan Wu, Shan Xie, Yingru Zhao



Traditional energy planning is a one-way process from load forecasting to system optimisation, an approach that cannot support the increasing variability on both the supply and demand sides. This study proposes an energy simulation and system optimisation approach based on the state-space method for collaborative dynamic planning of the supply and demand sides of an integrated energy system. The case results show that taking into account the real-time dynamic characteristics of the load can improve the model accuracy; at the same time, system planning based on a synergistic supply and demand perspective can achieve overall optimality and rationalise the two-way interaction between the demand and supply sides.

Keywords Dynamic modelling, state space method, collaborative supply and demand optimisation, energy system planning.

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