Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Comparative Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Based Formic Acid Production Process Alternatives Dongin Kim, Jeehoon Han



This study presents two commercial scale processes for producing formic acid (FA) using CO2 captured from the power plant and conducts economic, energy and environmental analysis of the processes. The process is designed conceptually based on experimental data to produce high purity of FA. For the comparative analysis the FA production amount is set to 12,000 t/y. As a result of the process analysis, the process 1 considering amine shift reaction shows better results. The energy efficiency of the process 1 is 60.9%, the minimum selling price of produced FA is US$ 1,422/tFA and the CO2 emissions is 0.07 tCO2/tFA.

Keywords carbon utilization process, formic acid production, energy analysis, economic analysis, environmental analysis

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