Volume 05: Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Applied Energy, Part 4, Sweden, 2019

Conceptual Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Design of the Cooled Supercritical CO2 Turbine for the Allam Cycle R. Scaccabarozzi, E. Martelli, M. Gatti, P. Chiesa, M. Pini, C. M. De Servi


This paper documents the conceptual design and performance assessment of the cooled turbine of the Allam cycle. A conceptual fluid-dynamic design model is combined with a blade cooling model capable of dealing with unconventional fluids and implementing several cooling technologies. Preliminary results for a 600 MW turbine with 6 stages indicate that 5 stages need to be cooled and the film cooling effectiveness is severely limited by the high Reynolds number of the main stream.

Keywords Allam cycle, supercritical CO2 turbine, bladecooling model, 1D thermo-fluid dynamic design, expander performance analysis

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