Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Control Strategies for Dual-Motor Powertrain System Considering Energy Efficiency Mo Han , Hongwen He* , Wei Liu , Jianfei Cao , Hang Qin , Jiankun Peng



Powertrain control strategy is a key technology that determines the energy consumption of dual-motor electric vehicles. However, existing control strategies cannot meet the requirements of a new dual-motor powertrain configuration with a two-speed gearbox for one of the motors, which is likely to be the mainstream powertrain configuration of commercial vehicles in the future. In this paper, two control methods including dynamic programming and an offline global optimization method are conducted to optimize torque distribution strategy and gear shifting law. The performance of the proposed methods is reflected through simulations based on MATLAB/Simulink, the results show that the proposed methods present considerable promotion on energy consumption compared with that of the fixed proportional control method.

Keywords dynamic programming, energy consumption, torque distribution, gear shifting law, dual-motor electric vehicle

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