Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Control Strategy of Household Air-Source Heat Pump-Floor Radiant Heating System Considering Thermal Comfort Lijia Du, Xianjun Meng, Xianxu Huo, Shupeng Li, Yan Qi, Yunfei Mu



With heat pump (HP) heating getting popular in China, a control strategy for air source heat pump-low temperature hot water floor radiant heating system (AHPFHS) is required to reduce the operating cost of the it. Model of household AHPFHS was established based on the characteristics of the equipment. The forecast data from weather stations was utilized to build the residential building thermal load model based on the heat balance equation. A rolling optimization control method was proposed. Considering thermal comfort of the customers, the indoor temperature set-point was scheduled for the lowest operating cost of the AHPFHS. A typical case was built to validate the feasibility of the proposed method. Numerical studies show that the proposed control method is able to effectively reduce the operating cost of the system.

Keywords rolling optimization, indoor temperature setpoint, air source heat pump, floor radiant heating system, building thermal load model

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