Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Conversion of Maize Straw to Blast Furnace Injected Fuel by Hydrothermal Carbonization Haipeng Teng, Guangwei Wang, Jianliang Zhang, Nan Zhang, Chuan Wang



In this work, the maize straw based hydrochars were produced under various conditions by the hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) process. The properties of prepared hydrochar were analyzed experimentally in order to evaluate the feasibility for the blast furnace injection. It was found out that the carbonization temperature of 280 °C with a holding time of 60 minutes was the optimal operating condition to produce the hydrochar. The evaluation results show that the produced hydrochar has the required fuel properties and combustion performance.

Keywords Hydrothermal carbonization, Biomass, Maize straw, Hydrochar, Blast furnace injection

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