Volume 45: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VIII

Coordinated Operation of Mobile Emergency Generators and Local Flexible Resources for Distribution Network Resilience Enhancement Kaiqing Qiu, Wei Gan*, Yue Zhou, Wenlong Ming, Jianzhong Wu



The increasing electrification of energy demand and connection of distributed energy resources pose a high burden on electrical power systems. Future power distribution networks are increasingly vulnerable to disruptions and extreme events with less redundancy of network capacity. This paper proposes a novel coordinated operation scheme to improve power distribution network resilience, assessing the value of operating mobile emergency generators (MEG) in coordination with other flexible resources. Three forms of flexibilities are considered in this research: flexibility from networks, local distributed energy resources, and mobile emergency generators. An optimization model is formulated and demonstrated on a European representative distribution network. Results show the value of mobile emergency generators to provide emergency services through coordinating with existing energy networks and distributed energy resources, thereby contributing significantly to power distribution network resilience.

Keywords Power distribution network, mobile emergency generator, distributed energy resources, resilience improvement

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