Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Coordination and Optimal Scheduling of Multi-energy Complementary System for New Energy Consumption HU Wei, MA Kun , Fang Baomin, LI Yanhe, SUN Yunchao



In order to solve the problem of insufficient peak-regulating capacity of the power system after the grid connection of wind power, photovoltaic and other large-scale renewable energy sources, a complementary, coordinated and optimized dispatching strategy for multi-energy storage systems of wind, water and fire is proposed. Based on the current depth peak-adjusting technology, the cost of depth peak-adjusting loss and the cost of steady fuel injection for thermal power units are analyzed. Considering the characteristics of multi-scene wind-solar complementary, a reasonable system effective reserve is determined, and an optimal scheduling model is established with the optimization objectives of maximum consumption of new energy, system operation economy and system operation security. Finally taking the modified IEEE30-bus system as an example, the benders three-stage decomposition method was used to simulate various scenarios and the results demonstrate that the strategy can effectively enhance the accommodation capacity of the new energy power, which verifies the validity of the proposed model.

Keywords multi-energy system,complementary coordination, deep peak regulation, optimal dispatch, new energy consumption

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