Volume 28: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part III

Decarbonization of the electricity sector – barriers and policies. Case in Latvia Armands Gravelsins, Andra Blumberga, Ieva Pakere, Dagnija Blumberga



Decarbonizing the electricity sector is not an easy task. To reach the decarbonization of the electricity sector in Latvia by 2050, there are a lot of barriers that need to be addressed. To reduce or completely remove different social, technical, economic, administrative, and other barriers, a set of policies needs to be defined. Research results show that there is a combination of policy instruments that would allow for complete decarbonization of the electricity sector, however, it is crucial to implement the whole set of policies, not just one or two of them, and implement them as soon as possible to gain the maximum effect.

Keywords renewable energy, electricity supply, system dynamics, decarbonization, energy policies

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