Volume 8: Advances in Energy Innovation and Development

Design and Analysis of Uninterupted Power Grid using Hybridnation of Sustainable Energies Prakash Chinnakutti, B. Gnanavel Kanniyan



Numerous aspects must be measured earlier for implementing a Three-phase power generation system based on sustainable energy sources. Longstanding necessary data must be composed before creating any conclusions concerning the implementation of such a system. Potential of Solar, wind and hydel energy are precisely measured at Kadamparai location in TamilNadu, India. In this research, an effective analytical hybridization method is suggested for grid systems comprising exclusively of sustainable energy source like solar photovoltaic (PV), wind, and pumped hydro sources. One of the method was tested numerically and analytically, the results can be applied to achieve emission free power grid. Hydro, wind, and solar photovoltaic energy are the deepest sustainable energy sources in worldwide installed capacity. However, no reports have been printed about hybrid grid systems encompassed of all three sources, simulation model and analysis are the first of its kind anywhere. This investigation may be pragmatic as a real-world guide for applying similar systems in various places. Wherever renewable sources are used in India, the main combination is about solar and wind only. This is the first novel analytical approach presents for connecting renewable energy sources to a utility grid. Simulink analysis and mathematical modelling of renewable resources can extend year-round power supply to switchyard with use of underground water batteries. In future carbon emission percentage will be nullified and cure global warming and climate changes once implementing this project into real.

Keywords hybrid, Solar photovoltaic, wind, pumped hydro storage, Kadamparai

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