Volume 18: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part I

Design and simulation of LNG-fueled SOFC-GT Hybrid System for ship application Xusheng Wang,Xicong Mi,Xiaojing Lv,Yiwu Weng



The solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine (SOFC-GT) hybrid systems are thought to be the most attractive energy conversion systems in future energy markets because of high efficiency 60~70%, low emission, and fuel flexibility. Which are vary suitable for mobile applications due to they could be installed in a standalone manner to supply power with a high electric efficiency. In this context, this paper designed a LNG-fueled SOFC-GT hybrid system for all-electric ship application. And proposed the control structure of power feedback and temperature feedforward for the ship used SOFC-GT system. Also, a 5000t class of river-to-sea cargo ship which is sailed from Nanjing to Shanghai along the course of the Yangtze River is conducted as a case study. The results show that the total amount of 2724kg fuel is consumed by the ship in the whole course, meanwhile, the CO2 emissions is reduced by almost 48.8% compares to the conventional propulsion technology.

Keywords Solid oxide fuel cell, Gas turbine, Hybrid system, Ship application

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