Volume 13: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part II

Design of Integrated Liquid Cooling System for An All 650 V, 116 A Silicon Carbide MOSFET Power Module Feng Han, Hong Guo, Xiao-feng Ding*



In this paper, the thermal performance of an all SiC 650 V, 116 A MOSFET power module has been studied by numerical simulation. Aiming at the heat dissipation problem of the SiC power devices in the inverter, three integrated liquid cooling heat sinks with different channel structures were designed. Results showed that compared with the other two cooling structures, the serpentine flow channel cooling structure can provide the best cooling effect. For the serpentine flow channel cooling structure, the heat source maximum temperature increases as the fin thickness increases, and the pressure drop decreases as the fin thickness increase when the coolant flow rate is constant. The improved heat sink has been numerical tested up to 110 A showing the device maximum temperature of 39.8°C, which can well meet the design requirements.

Keywords liquid cooling, Silicon carbide, SiC MOSFET, power device, heat sink

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