Volume 38: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part I

Design of Key Parameters of Mooring System and Dynamic Response Analysis for Semisubmersible Wind Turbines Lei Wang, Cheng Zhao, Jiawei Chen, Xiumin Li, Xin Du



The harsh operating environment and non-fixed foundation pose a challenge to the power output of the floating wind turbine, so a floating platform for motion within a safe range is required. The paper analyzes the influence of wind-wave coupling, wave direction angle and rotor degree of freedom on the platform movement. It is found that the stability of the floating platform is very sensitive to the key parameters of the mooring system. The mooring system dynamic model is established, and the simulation analysis is carried out by resetting the key parameters of the mooring system. The effects of variables such as the position of the fairlead, the tensile stiffness of the anchor chain, and the mass per unit length of the anchor chain on the platform’s motion stability and output power fluctuation are analyzed. It is also of great significance to balance the relationship between the platform’s dynamic response and power generation.

Keywords renewable energy, floating offshore wind turbines, floating platform motion analysis, find and wave loads, mooring system

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