Volume 23: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part VI

Design Optimization of a novel Cryo-Polygeneration demonstrator – Technoeconomic feasibility study for a tropical climate in Singapore Alessio Tafone, Sundar Raj Thangavelu, Alessandro Romagnoli



Decentralized polygeneration systems can provide
multiple energy services for urban districts like
universities and hospitals, with several energetic,
economic and environmental benefits. However,
deciding the right design or optimal capacities for such
integrated multi-energy sources would require
sophisticated modelling and optimization techniques.
Furthermore, several design parameters and timevarying loads and weather conditions influence the
performance of polygeneration systems. This study
investigated the effects of renewables, storage units and
time-varying loads (electricity, heat and cold) on the
performance of a cryo-polygeneration system expected
to be installed in 2022 at the NTU campus located in
Singapore. Diverse design scenarios were analyzed to
study the effect of critical components such as
absorption chiller, cold storage and solar PV units with
energy storage. The optimal design capacities derived
confirms higher efficiency and economic performance
than the reference system, i.e., generating the power
and heat and power separately. The results are of great
interest to academia and industry and contribute
significantly to developing an efficient and cost-effective
energy storage polygeneration system.

Keywords Polygeneration system, LNG, Optimization problem, Energy Storage.

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