Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Development and Performance of a Plug-in Hybrid Hydrogen Vehicle Changwei Ji, Shuofeng Wang, Chuanqi Tang, Zixuan Yang, Jiacheng Song, Yifan Zhai



To reduce the fuel consumption and toxic emissions, this paper developed a plug-in hybrid hydrogen vehicle (PHHV). The PHHV is powered by a hybrid hydrogen-gasoline engine (HHGE) which is fueled by the pure hydrogen at the cold start to minimize HC and CO. For normal working conditions, the HHGE is fueled with hydrogen and gasoline simultaneously to gain higher thermal efficiency. Furthermore, the PHHV has adopted the idle elimination and hydrogen restart strategy to cancel the idling condition. The hydrogen consumed by the HHGE is produced by an onboard water electrolysis hydrogen generator placed in trunk of the PHHV. The hydrogen generator could gain electricity from charging pile of the electric vehicle to realize the plug-in hydrogen production. The performance of PHHV is also tested according to the New European Driving Cycle. The test results showed that, compared with the original engine fueled with the pure gasoline, HC, CO and NOx emissions from the PHHV were respectively reduced by 57.8%, 52.1% and 10.2% within the driving cycle. Moreover, PHHV also acquired a 12.2% reduction in the total fuel consumption.

Keywords hydrogen, plug-in H2 generation, gasoline, spark-ignition engine, emissions, vehicle

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