Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

Development of a Hydrogen Production from Solar Thermal Energy Application Model for The United Arab Emirates Abdulrahman Joubi, Yutaro Akimoto, Keiichi Okajima



The application of large-scale renewable energy projects, especially solar thermal, in the Middle East region and the Gulf Cooperation Countries, leveling with the region’s high potential, is facing many challenges, concerning the feasibility of a huge investment. One way to motivate policy makers is to use the excessive energy to produce Liquid Hydrogen for export to needed countries, making the investment profitable and helping reducing CO2 emissions levels worldwide. In this study the surplus electricity from, from different scenarios of Concentrated Solar Plants application, is used for Hydrogen production using three different technologies (Alkaline, PEM and SOEC) for technical comparison. Another two scenarios are considered, with different locations for the Hydrogen production sites, between CSP sites and ports, using Geographical Information System GIS, to assess the pathways for Hydrogen production.

Keywords Concentrated Solar Plants, Hydrogen, Pathway, The Middle East Region, United Arab Emirates.

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