Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Development of a multi-annual monitoring tool for energy intelligence in telecommunications Nicola Franzese, Marco Sorrentino, Alena Trifirò



In this study, a method for the monitoring of telecommunication central offices (COs) is proposed with the purpose of classification in terms of efficiency and diagnosis of anomalous energy consumptions. The objective is achieved through the definition of new indices based on the energy spent by the telecommunication and cooling systems, improving the outcomes of pre-existing methods. While the reliability index and the index of cluster reliability check the ratio between the telecommunication (TLC) and climate control (CLC) energy consumption, the coefficient of variation adds a check on the reliability of TLC-energy measurements. Another target of this study is to extend the analysis to multi-annual periods of monitoring, thus allowing successfully meeting the currently in-force ISO50001 standard for what concerns with the continuous monitoring of industrial plants (including the TLC sector) towards the achievement of sustainable and energy efficient enough operation. After the presentation of the method, specific central offices were selected and further analyzed to fully verify the results match the physics of the energy consumptions behavior.

Keywords Energy intelligence, Telecommunications, Energy management, Monitoring and diagnosis, Thermal management

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