Volume 35: CCUS Technologies for the Carbon Neutrality: Part III

Development of Software for the Prediction and Control of Crack Propagation of CO2 Transportation Pipeline Containing Impurities Based on Battelle Two-Curve Method Zhou Sanping, Gao Chen, Chen bing, Ren Zhihao



Whether the crack of CO2 transportation pipeline containing impurities can be stopped automatically after crack initiation depends on the comparison between the pressure decompression velocity and the fracture propagation velocity after crack initiation of CO2 pipeline. If the pressure decompression velocity is greater than the fracture propagation velocity, the crack can be stopped automatically, otherwise the crack propagation. The calculation of pressure decompression wave velocity is the key to the prediction and control of the crack arrest of pipeline. Based on the GERG-2008 equation of state, the prediction model of the pressure reduction wave velocity of the CO2 pipeline containing impurities is established. Based on a series of full-size blasting experimental data from Battelle Research Institute, the calculation model of the fracture propagation velocity of the pipeline is established, and it is verified by the shock tube experimental data. The pipeline crack propagation prediction and control software based on the Battelle Two-Curve Method for CO2 transportation was developed by using MATLAB to call the international authoritative database of the physical properties, fluid thermodynamics and transport properties of the working fluid Refprop. The prediction of the crack propagation of the CO2 pipeline containing impurities by the software can be completely verified by the results of the shock tube discharge experiment in the literature, By using this software, the minimum fracture toughness (CVN) and critical wall thickness required for crack arrest can be obtained by matching the pressure decompression wave velocity prediction curve with the pipeline fracture propagation velocity curve, which provides a reference basis for the selection of pipes and the design of pipeline wall thickness.

Keywords CO2 transportation pipeline, decompression wave, crack propagation, development of software, Battelle Two-Curve Method

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