Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Different control strategies for MEA based chemical absorption Changzheng Hu,Beibei Dong,Shengchun Liu,Hailong Li,Jinyue Yan



When capturing CO2 from biomass fired combined heat and power plants, the dynamic changes in the feedstock and the heat and electricity demands can clearly affect the operation of the boiler, which can further affect the performance of chemical absorption
CO2 capture. To handle such dynamic changes, control systems are needed. This work aims to compare the performance of two control strategies that can control the reboiler duty in the stripper to achieve a constant capture rate. Control strategy A uses the reboiler
temperature as input based on a PID controller; and control strategy B is a modification of control strategy A by introducing a feedforward compensation based on the flowrate of rich solution when regulating the reboiler duty. Based on dynamic simulations, it is found that control strategy B can reduce the settling time and capture more CO2 with a lower average energy penalty within a certain time length.

Keywords BECCS, Chemical absorption, Dynamic simulations, Carbon dioxide capture, Control strategy, Energy penalty

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