Direct Renewable Energy Application to Hybrid Water Filtration and Electricity Generation Facility Predrag Spasojevic


Abstract—Apart from improving our quality of life, knowledge, and our development in general, the Industrial Revolution and the inadequate system of values and priorities that followed disturbed natural and energy balances to the point that it jeopardizes life continuation on Earth. The new direction and the change of the approach in handling our resources were necessary, united under the introduction of renewable and sustainable energy. The transformation of the energy sector requires a very complex analysis, different perspective, and philosophy from the one we currently use.
This article aims to propose a novel understanding of renewable energy and energy in general, by introducing a new technological merger between electricity generation and water filtration technologies, with far better financial, environmental and sustainability benefits from presently known technologies.

Keywords Direct renewable energy application, electricity generation, and water filtration, energy storage, sustainability, hybrids

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