Volume 15: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part IV

Dual-Stage Optimal Scheduling for a Grid-Connected Microgrid Luyao Liu, Chenyu Su, Qie Sun, Qingxi Huang, Ronald Wennersten



A dual-stage day-ahead and real-time multi-energy cooperative optimization scheduling scheme is proposed for a grid-connected microgrid including photovoltaic d (PV), battery storage (BS), and gas turbine (GT). In the r day-ahead stage, the economic optimization is the aim. Based on the relative level of the tiered electricity prices, charge and discharge depreciation cost of BS, power generation cost of GT, day-ahead optimization strategy is proposed and the power allocations of PV, BS, GT, and GRID is formulated. Day-ahead panned interconnection power between the microgrid and main grid is passed to real-time scheduling stage as the constraint. In the real-time stage, the minimization of the operation costs at each dispatching period (15 mins) is taken as the objective. Real-time optimization strategy is proposed to modify the power allocations scheduled in the day-ahead stage. Results prove that the proposed dual-stage optimization of the scheduling has advantages in improving the operation economy of the microgrid.

Keywords Real-time scheduling, renewable energy, coordinated operation, forecasting uncertainty

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