Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Dynamic Characteristics of a Solid Oxide Cell Stack Undergoing Mode Step-Switching Operation in an Adiabatic Environment Chaoyang Wang, Ming Chen*, Ming Liu, Junjie Yan*



Solid oxide cell stacks can be operated in fuel cell and electrolysis modes according to the electricity demand. Dynamic characteristics of the stack in an adiabatic environment undergoing mode step-switching was presented and analyzed in this paper. Stack temperature and its variation rate, and stack voltage and power output are illustrated. The round trip efficiency () of the stack during a switching transient process was calculated and compared when adopting different operational turns. For switching modes, round trip efficiencies of two different processes are 87.4% and 84.6%, respectively.

Keywords reversible solid oxide cells, dynamic model, clear energy storage, hydrogen power generation

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