Volume 28: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part III

Dynamic model validation of an innovative NIR-solar façade panels-based integrated system Chiara Anfosso, Lorenzo Gini, Daria Bellotti, Loredana Magistri



The goal of this paper is to present a dynamic model of an integrated energy system based on Near-InfraRed façade panels and their validation. The innovative solution has been developed in the framework of the ‘ENVISION’ European Project funded by the EU H2020 Programme. The whole system integrates the ENVISION façade panels with a mGT, a prototype heat pump, and two thermal storages composing an innovative microgrid. This paper briefly describes the whole system and the model of each component together with the main characteristic equations. The work is mainly focused on the model development and validation of the solar-faced panels’ systems and the heat pump and its single components. The model will be used to evaluate the impact of the temperature variation of the warm water produced by the panels over the heat pump performance and responsivity and to define the proper integration strategy. The validation of the solar façade panels model and the HP model has been carried out using experimental data and the results showed that the realized models have reliability of more than 98%.

Keywords solar energy, NIR solar façade panels, integrated system, dynamic model, model validation

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