Volume 34: CCUS Technologies for the Carbon Neutrality: Part II

Dynamic Numerical Simulation Model of Supercritical CO2 Pipeline Containing Impurities Jianxin Lu, Qihui Hu, Qing Miao, Yuxing Li, Chaofei Nie, Xin Ouyang, Jianlu Zhu, Qiyun Jia



This study established a one-dimensional dynamic simulation model for a supercritical carbon dioxide pipeline containing impurities. By using C++ programming and numerical solution technology, the hydraulic and thermal properties of the pipeline during slow transient operating conditions can be calculated, enabling dynamic monitoring of the hydraulic and thermal properties along the pipeline during the transportation of impurities in supercritical carbon dioxide. The comparison and verification between the current authoritative engineering simulation software OLGA and this model indicate that the model has certain engineering application value and has reference significance for the development of domestic simulation software.

Keywords CCUS, supercritical CO2 pipeline, slow transient flow, numerical solution technology, C++ programming

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