Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Dynamic Reconfiguration Method of Distribution Network Based on Voltage Fluctuation Deviation of Time Intervals Fengzhang Luo, Yue Liu, Tianyu Zhang, Xiaosong Song, Xin Yang, Wentao Yang



Aiming at the economical and safe operation of distribution networks with high permeability of distributed wind power generations, a dynamic reconfiguration method based on voltage fluctuation deviation is proposed. Firstly, in order to reduce the continuous action of the switch in a short time, a single switch operation cost model is constructed and introduced into the distribution network dynamic reconfiguration model in the form of a similar penalty function. Then, the voltage fluctuation deviation index of the distribution network node is proposed. It can characterize the development trend of the overall state of the distribution network. According to the magnitude and time series distribution of the voltage fluctuation deviation value, the reconstructed time division result can be obtained intuitively. Finally, the speed and location update mechanism has been improved to overcome the limitations of the traditional binary particle swarm reconfiguration. Results of calculation example show that the proposed method is efficient and effective.

Keywords wind power, dynamic reconfiguration, time division, voltage fluctuation deviation, improved binary particle swarm optimization

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