Volume 28: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part III

Dynamic Simulation of a Novel Small-scale Power to Ammonia Concept Pascal Koschwitz, Daria Bellotti, Cheng Liang, Bernd Epple



Ammonia is a promising energy vector and storage means for hydrogen. Power to ammonia (P2A) processes employ renewable energy to split water to provide the hydrogen for the Haber-Bosch ammonia synthesis. The fluctuating nature of the renewables requires a good dynamic behavior of these cycles. Employing the software Aspen Plus Dynamics®, this paper investigates the dynamic behavior of a novel containerized P2A solution, which is going to be tested at the University of Genova in 2023. The simulation results of the start-up, various load changes and the shutdown of the process suggest that the control architecture can handle all cases in a satisfactory way. However, there seems to be room for improvement regarding the parameters of some controls.

Keywords Power to ammonia, hydrogen fixation, Aspen Plus Dynamics® simulations

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