Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

ECO-Driving Control for Electric Vehicles at Intersections With Wireless Charging Jian Zhang, Tie-Qiao Tang* , Xiaobo Qu



Electric vehicles (EVs) have been viewed by many as a method to reduce greenhouse emissions, operate mobility efficiently, and decrease energy consumption. The limited driving range is a huge challenge to promote the popularization of EVs. The wireless charging lane can charge EV when it travels, thus can decrease the driving range anxiety of the driver. In this paper, we propose a new wireless charging scheme which combines the signalized intersection and partial wireless charging lane. We develop an eco-driving control strategy for EVs at intersections with wireless charging. The numerical results show that the wireless charging scheme with the eco-driving control strategy can increase the driving range and decrease the travel cost.

Keywords electric vehicles, eco-driving control, signalized intersections, wireless charging

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