Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Economic Analysis and Environmental Benefits of a Hybrid Optical Fiber Daylighting System Yuexia Lv, Longyu Xia, Qingru Cui, Haiyan Wang, Jinyue Yan



Optical fiber daylighting system is a promising alternative for indoor illumination, which provides not only comfortable and safe lighting but also environmental benefits. Economic analysis results show that, total cost of traditional fluorescent lighting system is higher than that of hybrid optical fiber daylighting system after 7 years of operation. In addition, results of environmental benefits for the studied case show that, an annual average 39410kg of CO2 emission can be reduced when traditional lighting system is replaced by the hybrid daylight system. The potential of applying the hybrid optical fiber daylighting system to save energy and protect environment is promising.

Keywords optical fiber lighting, solar energy, cost analysis, environmental benefit

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