Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Economic Benefit Analysis of Household Distributed Photovoltaic Under Different Financing Modes Changhui Yang ,Jingjing Shang



In recent years, the development of household distributed photovoltaic is accelerating. However, the initial investment cost is relatively unaffordable for users, and the distributed photovoltaic financing is of characteristics like high threshold, few channels, low quota, high cost and short term, so China is actively promoting the corresponding financial supporting measures, like “photovoltaic loan” and finance lease. That’s makes the choice of proper financing terms very important. This paper first establishes the evaluation model of economic benefits based on NPV method and different financing characteristics, and then changes interest rate, loan proportion and repayment mode, to analyze their impact on economic benefits, and finally arrives at conclusion that with proper financing mode, economic benefits and investors’ investment confidence can be improved. Furthermore, It also suggests government should perfect existing photovoltaic financing policies, as well as enhance financial institutions’ confidence that provide loans.

Keywords Household distributed photovoltaic, photovoltaic loan, finance lease, economic benefits

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