Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Economy vs sustainability: comparison of the two operational schedules for the hydrogen-based energy management system with P2X demand response Sergey Klyapovskiy, Yi Zheng, Shi You, Henrik W. Bindner



Hydrogen production could be used to consume excessive renewable energy. Many energy management systems (EMSs) were proposed to link hydrogen production with renewable farms. The majority of the studies, however, are not based on the real-life systems and do not fully utilize the potential of demand response from P2X components. In this paper, we propose an EMS architecture based on the GreenLab Skive industrial cluster that can operate the system with default, economic (minimize operational costs) and sustainable (produce green hydrogen) schedules. EMS utilizes the flexibility from electrolyzer, hydrogen tank, battery and hydrogen consuming plants (HCPs) to provide an optimal dispatch in the economic and sustainable schedule; operating the system in either of them results in operational costs reductions in comparison with default schedule. The hydrogen produced with the sustainable schedule is green and such operation could serve as a backbone of the future sustainable energy system.

Keywords electrolyzer, P2X, energy management system, sustainability, green hydrogen

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