Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Effect of Inner and Outer Coils on Heating Performance of Anaerobic Fermentation Tank Xuan Kunyang,Guo Jingtao, Li Jinping, Cao Peng, Huang Juanjuan



In order to further study the effect of internal and external coils on the heating performance of fermenters, this paper studied the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external coil heating fermenters under different TS value materials and different ambient temperature conditions, and passed the total heat transfer coefficient. The heating rate, temperature uniformity and temperature control economy of the fermentation system compare the difference between the inner and outer coils. The results show that the ambient temperature has a great influence on the external coil; as the TS value increases, the inner coil heating rate is higher than the outer coil, but the tank temperature uniformity is lower than the outer coil.

Keywords coil heating, high concentration anaerobic fermentation, heat transfer coefficient, heating rate, temperature field unevenness

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