Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Effect of Na on the NOx Formation Characteristic at High Temperature Chunli Tang, Yezhu Sun, Yueyi Hu, Tao Zhu, Limin Wang, Defu Che



The effect of alkali metal sodium on the NOx formation characteristic of zhundong coal under different temperatures, combustion atmospheres and loading amounts were studied on a fixed bed experimental system. The results show that alkali metal sodium could suppress the formation of NOx during coal combustion. The peak value of volatile nitrogen decreases with the increase in the adding amount of NaCl and increase with the temperature. When the combustion temperature is 1773 K, the alkali metal sodium addition of 1% has the most significant inhibitory effect on the NOx formation. The NOx conversion ratio can be reduced by 45.8%.

Keywords alkali metal sodium, NOx formation, high temperature, Zhundong Coal

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