Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Effect of Porous Medium Loading Promotor Aqueous Solution on Gas Hydrate Formation Process Xia Zhiming , Yan Ran, Chen Zhaoyang, Li Xiaosen,* , Zhang Yu, Xu Chungang, Cai Jing



Hydrate-based technologies have been regarded as one of the most promising options for reducing greenhouse effect and obtaining clean energy resource. However, there is an ongoing search for substances which could improve the gas-liquid mass transfer without mechanical consumption and in turn enhance process economics. In this work, nanoporous materials loading the solution of promoter was proposed to promote the formation process of gas hydrate by reducing the barrier of mass and heat transfer. The pressure drop curve and gas uptake for CO2/H2/H2O hydrate formation process were studied through 13X molecular sieve loading TBAB solution, the promotion effect was also compared with the other research. The results shown that 13X molecular sieve can significantly improve the pressure drop rate and gas uptake of CO2/H2/H2O/TBAB hydrate compared with the hydrate formed by agitation.

Keywords Tetra-n-butylammonium bromide, hydrate, H2, loading, 13X molecular sieve, separation

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