Volume 21: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part IV

Effect of Radiative Heat Transfer in Nanofluid for Volumetric Solar Collector Oguzhan Kazaz, Nader Karimi, Gioia Falcone, Shanmugam Kumar, Manosh C. Paul



The use of nanofluids as a heat transfer fluid in solar energy conversion systems greatly improves photothermal conversion. In this study, numerical studies have been carried out using a volumetric solar collector to convert solar radiation into thermal energy. Because the collector is a translucent medium, 2D radiative heat transfer and energy equations are solved using ANSYS Fluent, which takes into account the absorption and scattering of nanoparticles. The results show that, ewhen hybrid nanofluids are used, the amount of heat obtained from solar radiation increases due to the temperature rise in the collector, hence improving the storage capacity of the collector.

Keywords solar energy, hybrid nanofluids, volumetric solar collector, radiative heat transfer

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